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We Are Ghosts
We stood as only fourteen, against a force of hundreds
Our brothers have all fallen, laying at out feet dead
But we will not surrender, will not turn and run
We will hold this line until the mission is done
We hide among our dead, our brothers still giving aid
From the enemy's gaze we melt away, like sunset we fade
They come in the night, knowing as we know it is the last
But they are not ready, for our attack is quiet and fast
We rose from our fallen, their blood stains our faces
Refusing to give up, refusing to die in this foreign place
We battle with bullets, with knives and with hands
We battle and kill, 'til only one of them still stands
He alone we leave alive, he will carry the tale
He will tell the world that we did not fail
The story will spread, of how the dead rose to fight
Of how fourteen slaughtered an army in one night
This is our beginning, from here our legend with grow
It will give our enemies pause, strike fear in our foes
The world will know of us and will rightly sh
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Tagged by DevilWolf9 

For this meme, you have to have one of your OCs (original characters) answer the questions provided for them, so it's sort of like you're role-playing as them. lol You also don't have to do this if you don't want to. No pressure! Anyways, here are the rules:

- Choose one of your OCs to answer the questions provided.

- Your OC should NOT lie! Have him or her be honest here. ^^

- Journal title should be "OC Interview".

- When you're done, tag as many people as you want.

- Have fun (hopefully!)!

I'm not too sure about this, but here we go.
Lemon: H-Hi. I'm Lemon. . . so I guess Ill just answer these . . .

Question time!

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Lemon: My real name is Sally, but everyone calls me Lemon because of my sour attitude. I'm not comfortable giving out my last name. . . .sorry. :( (Sad) 

2. Cool! What's your current age?

Lemon: I'm 18.

3. Kay, what's your favorite food?

Lemon: I don't necessarily have a specific "favorite", but one of my favorite kinds of food is seafood.

4. Favorite drink?

Lemon: I'm a sucker for energy drinks Sweating a little... 

5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?

Lemon: (blushes). . . I don't want to say, but I hope he has the same feelings that I do . . . why does he have to be so cute?!kaomoji set 2 56/67 
6. Say, uh... Have you two kissed? Lemon: . . (blushes pure red) . . . I hate you.

7. Who's your favorite author?

Lemon:I don't really read books often . . . I just binge on internet videos. Is that bad?

8. Biggest fears?
Lemon: My biggest fear has to be dying. That's what I get for watching Final Destination!GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 

9. Any siblings?

Lemon: I'm the Oldest out of 5. 

10. Almost done! It's only 20 questions. Who's your real hero?

Lemon: Wonder Woman is my favorite Wonderwoman 

11. Okay, who's your worst enemy?

Lemon: The ones who used to bully me in school.

12. Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?

Lemon: I don't have friends. . .Waaaah! 

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?

Lemon: Why do I exist? And why I do I have to be part human and part cat?

14. Now, what's your worst memory?
Lemon: During my middle school years, I got continuously bullied by other students because of my ears and tail. On the way home from school, a bunch of the older kids gathered around me and harassed me for a bit. I tried to fight back, but that lead me to get punched in the stomach and in the face repeatedly. I was lucky for someone to come to my rescue when I was facing death. I hated going to school ever since. 

15. What's your worst nightmare?

Lemon: Killing myself . . .

16. What's your lifelong dream?

Lemon: I always dreamed to be normal like everyone else instead of being normal like everyone else.

17. What would happen if your lifelong dream came true?

Lemon: Live my life how I wanted to and not get judged.

18. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax? 

Lemon: In my bed.

19. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

Lemon: YOUTUBE!!!!!Youtube icon 

20. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.

You can if you guys want to.



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